The 2017 Late Night One Acts production of


Produced by Alexis DeLaRosa, Marc Antonio Pritchett,

Kerr Lordygan, Rachel Parker

 Limited engagement opens Friday, August 25, 2017

at Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood

Alternative Acts is a delightful mixtape of one-acts all written under the same titular theme.

In Out To Breakfast, we discover how something as simple as ordering a meal can take a surreal and hilarious turn. In Benefits of a Gauntlet, we are transported to a world where the battle over health care becomes a literal one. The imaginative Sandwich examines the way our point of view changes as we mature. Mr. Picman showcases an awkward mother-daughter relationship in a smartphone-driven world. In Youniverse, we explore the incredible lengths a couple will go to improve their relationship. In VladFather, bringing your girlfriend home to meet the family can be a life-or-death proposition. Transitions shows us how life behind the scenes can be just as vibrant as life in the spotlight.


The playwrights featured in Alternative Acts include Andrew Tarr, Gina Garcia-Sharp, Kirsten Vangsness, Tom Cavanaugh, Tennyson E. Stead, Jennifer Hugus and Bill Robens. The directors include McKerrin Kelly, Walter Koenig, Sabrina Lloyd, Kerr Lordygan, Kathleen O’Grady, Alina Phelan and Marc Antonio Pritchett.

Kirsten Vangsness (Featured Playwright) This is the fifth script by Kirsten Vangsness to be produced at Theatre of NOTE. Others include the short plays Fucking Collector and The Block of Thoon, the critically-acclaimed full-length play Potential Space (nominated by the LA Weekly for best play of the year), and most recently Mess, a solo play she is currently taking around the country (as of this writing she has performed Mess in New York, Alabama and Porterville, California) when time permits.

 Walter Koenig (Featured Director) (“Oh yeah, that guy”) Theatre (directing): Hotel Paradiso; America Hurrah; Twelve Angry Men, Twelve Angry Women; Becket; Three by Ten (3 Williams one-acts); Matrix; Twilight Zone (for theatre); Fastest Clock in the Universe. Theatre (acting): The Deputy, Christmas Carol (five years), The White House Murder Case, Steambath, Night Must Fall, Mamet's Duck Variations, The Boys in Autumn, Actors, Blood Wedding, Box And Cox. Television (acting): Star Trek (regular), Babylon 5 (recurring - five seasons), Antony and Cleopatra, lots of shows from the sixties which, if  listed 60 years after the fact, would sound pathetic. Television (writing): Class of ’65, Family, The Powers of Matthew Starr, Land of the Lost, Star Trek (animated). Film (writing): Inalienable.


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About the author

Marc Antonio Pritchett is a working actor, musician and fight coordinator in the greater Los Angeles area. He is the co-founder and lead engineer at Steel Dawn Recording Studio.

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