Designing The Main Diffuser

This is the sketch up of my rear wall quadratic diffuser. It is a repeating pattern of 23 wells. QRD 23 for short. The sequence repeats 3 times (69 wells total) with the third pattern being inverted and optimized to fit the build depth. This was a beast of a build. I was going to use all MDF until I realized how absurdly heavy it would be. I went with the tried and true technique of ‘sandwich construction’ to deal with this. The wells are construction grade Styrofoam with MDF face plates. Even with this adjustment it was still so heavy that it took 3 of us to hang it on the wall.

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Marc Antonio Pritchett is a working actor, musician and fight coordinator in the greater Los Angeles area. He is the co-founder and lead engineer at Steel Dawn Recording Studio.

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