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I love those bursts of creativity that I get every so often. When I am so inspired, so focused, so excited about my artistic endeavors, and consequently, life in general. What a magnificent feeling. And then comes the accompanying dread, worry, and disillusionment. I can’t get it exactly right. It doesn’t come out like it looked in my mind. I resign myself to the idea that perhaps I should go get a full time job, make some money and forget all of this nonsense. Or, I start a new investigation into universities, checking out the various master degree options that are available to me.

And by the next morning, I have forgotten all of that, and am once again excited about a new idea. I contemplate a new book title, a cool hook that could be transformed into a smashing success, or an interesting blog subject.

What a roller coaster ride I am on. And yet, if I did go get a full time job that didn’t involve such emotional calamities, I would be just as miserable. Probably more miserable.

The life of an artist, at least mine, is filled with uncertainty, doubts, frustration, and questions about the purpose of life. But it is also replete with wonder, excitement, and joy that comes from creating something new. On the other hand, it is also filled with fear of failure, writer’s block, and regrets about unfinished projects. Conversely, it is filled with exciting collaborations, unique insights, and a sense of accomplishment.

See where I’m going with this? In this series, I will address the more existential aspects and struggles of being an artist. Because wouldn’t it be nice to navigate the world with a little more contentment, confidence, and productivity? I think so, and as I work on it, I will share my journey with you.


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In addition to being the administrative assistant, social media manager, proofreader, blogger, and and executive coffee maker at Steel Dawn, Marcy is a writer, singer-songwriter, licensed acupuncturist and candlestick maker (okay, she's not a candlestick maker yet. Give her some time). She is currently working on her new blog

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