Athens, GA

Memories of hanging out at the Tate Student Center back at the University of Georgia listening to college radio in the birthplace of alternative music.

Featuring 90's artists like REM, The B-52's, The Black Crowes, Primus and many, many others.

Sundays (12pm-2pm)

B-Side Gold

Sometimes the best songs on an album are not the singles or chart topping hits. This set is dedicated to the hidden gems buried in our favorite albums.

Featuring selections from your favorite Pop, Rock, Rnb and Hip Hop artists.

Mondays (12pm-1pm)


Artist are often inspired by the music that came before them. Some can take the tiniest piece of a previous work and create a new one that often surpasses the original. Others borrow so heavily that it borders on outright theft.

You be the judge as we showcase the oft unknown Connections between various pieces of popular music.

Tuesdays (2pm-3pm)

Guilty Pleasures

We all know that 'earworm' of a song that gets into our heads and won't let go no matter how hard we try to shake it. That embarrassing song we jam out to when nobody is watching. It's time to break out the pleather wrist bands, knock the dust off that 'keytar', wear that mullet with pride and embrace our Guilty Pleasures.

Fridays (12pm-1pm)

Hipster Hour

Hipster has become somewhat of a derogatory term of late, but this set aims to change that. Featuring a plethora of amazing artists who may or may not have achieved commercial success but have all left their mark on the music world. Give a listen to the artists who create music for music's sake, with little regard for its commercial viability.

Wednesday (12pm-1pm)

Party Mix

Raise the roof with your favorite party songs. The ultimate mix to take your little soiree to the next level.

This genre hopping set features a mix high energy crowd pleasers and laid back grooves both new and classic.

Friday & Saturday Nights (8pm-11pm)


We skip the sappy love songs and get straight to the baby makin'music. And not just the male dominated Rnb tunes you may be thinking of (although we have those too). Serenade is a genre hopping set where the ladies bring the sexy in equal measure.

Tune in and let us make your evening one to remember.

Friday & Saturday Nights (11pm-2am)


Music has always been a catalyst for change. In this set we feature artists who not only created great music, but also broke down creative and even social barriers.

Give a listen to the artists without which we would not have the music we have today.

Thursdays (2pm-3pm)